School, Work, Office and Public buildings are not terms that usually paint a picture of inspiration or enjoyment in our minds . However, they are places where people go to create, learn, achieve, lead, teach and acquire skills. Consequently, Insignia was founded to cater for the pressing need for innovative, reliable, trustworthy and resourceful Interior Design, Fit out contracting and Furniture supply companies within the Public, Corporate and Educational fields in KSA.

Within the above mentioned three fields, we are committed to delivering inspiring spaces that reflect a new era of interior environments dynamics which are bringing dramatic changes to the way people behave , work and interact in them . We draw on the latest research, technology, materials and products innovations when designing solutions for our clients.

After all, extensive research confirms that attracting and retaining a bright and inspired workforce has much to do with their physical environments. If properly and cleverly designed, these environments can lead to lower employees turn over, improved morale and spontaneous collaboration among employees which are in the best interest of any business.